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TerraNext offers the latest data, technology, and tools to
enhance your brand value and gives you a competitive

We develop digital tools and strategies to help you the barriers to action

Life Cycle Assessment

LCA Of Products &
Environmental Performance
Carbon Footprint
Data Analysis

Circular Economy

Product-Service Systems

Strategic Decarbonization

Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions
Energy Reduction,
Green Energy Adoptions
GHG Reduction
Progress Toward Net Zero Goals or
Science Based Targets (SBTs)

Supply Chain Management

Optimization of the Process,
Materials, and Chemical

ESG & Sustainability

Sustainability Reporting
Determination, Interpretation and
Monitoring Of Regulatory, Technical,
Environmental, and Sustainability
Implementation and Execution at
Corporate Level

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We work with small, medium-sized and large
enterprises to understand and address the most
complex challenges toward a sustainable future.

Advanced artificial intelligence and Trusted Data

Take Action: Decarbonization Platform

TerraX is a next-generation AI platform that offers intelligence data, technology, and speed, enabling decarbonization, circular economy, and green Products. We support you in all steps along your data-driven carbon and environmental management process with lower costs.

Detailed building LCA based on Automated process

Design Buildings to Cope with the Climate Risks

NextBT unlocks the potential of intelligence streamline processes and systematic LCA in building and construction industries. NextBt is designed through Industry, stakeholder and community planning process to create environmental and sustainability value in building technical services and technologies and makes it easy to adapt to the latest technical changes.

Transparency and standards

Circular Economy Infrastructure: Waste Reduction and Material Efficiency

Face the challenges of the circular economy with an efficient infrastructure for waste prediction and optimized resource allocation. WasteOrbite provides a dynamic capability system as an effective response to environmental pressures on firms.

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