Turning Action with Intelligence Knowledge

Circular Economy Concept

Systematic creation and evaluation of Circular Economy concepts (e.g. re-use, repair and remanufacture) for the product portfolio

Digital Product Passport (DPP)

We support issues of data management, data integration, trust and collaboration in the complex ecosystem of DPP through clear documentation on the environmental impact of reusable and waste items.

Calculation of carbon emissions

Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3


Design and support with corporate sustainability reporting systems, including strategy development and target setting (science-based targets)

Circular Economy: Waste & Material

Concept development for circular economy and waste materials through and development of Material Compliance (MaCS)

Consolidation of the ESG database and various reports

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting that is compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Global Reporting Initiative Standards, and Carbon Disclosure Project guidelines

Calculation of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)


Perform Eco-Efficiency and lifecycle costing

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA is an important and sophisticated tool aiming to reach sustainable development and assess the environmental performance of products and services The LCA allows us to identify the hotspots of your product and supply chain. We provide you with data that you need for product life cycle decision-making (CO2 emissions, energy, water, land use etc.). LCA is also used for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), providing environmental performance information to clients.

Sustainability Reporting to Promote Brand Valuation

ESG represents the framework of a sustainability strategic agenda, environmental excellence, and the well-being of people within and outside the organization. ESG addresses and responds to societal issues (CSR) and increasingly represents issues that organizations must integrate into the core of their business strategy and practices. Get in touch and see how we can help improve the effectiveness of your sustainability strategy and digital approach to ESG reporting.

Strategies For Climate Change Adaptation

Now, climate change poses a risk to any business. We don’t want our business to be affected by serious environmental and climate-related risks. We are sharing our adaptation knowledge and TerraRiskAdapt-TRA tool to evaluate and Understand which types and degrees of risk and prepare business leaders and other stakeholders for an integrated climate risk strategy.

Delivering Circular Economy

We provide a solid foundation for future movement toward a more circular industry to know about the interactions and identify efficient circular economy (CE) strategies. An integrated method that combines LCA and total interpretive structural modeling (TISM) offers guidelines for improving the industry and eco-design. Start with us to create and develop innovative ecological solutions!

Innovative Cross-data solutions and Tools

Development of customized data collection systems,
including tools and manuals

We partnered with organizations to design and develop
an application that helps you navigate the complexity of
your sustainability transformation.


Unified data platform Easy processing of large amounts of data Interactive visualization


Automated calculation of your carbon footprint A machine-learning approach to improving the predictions


Transparency across all process Update with the latest data Coherent analytics and AI strategy

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that suits you and could enhance your goals.