Innovative solutions for digital sustainability transformation

What tools and services
do we offer?

  • science-based and data-driven LCA to build trusted inventory, Intelligence
    systems, impact assessment analysis, and product innovation

  • Sustainable supply chain ecosystem to provide your business model
    speed and stability for powerful climate strategies.

  • Business-centric data sustainability reporting and analytical
    software to analyze company data, build reports and dashboards using
    a browser-based search interface and enhance your operation

  • AI-based driven analytics platform for enterprise’s sustainability
    transformation Digital integration workflows to build awareness and
    inspire industry-wide action.

  • Multi-dimensional mapping to connect and reach different parameters
    with the projects they most align with.

  • Designing intelligence solutions to make planning and management more effective.

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Digital transformation for
sustainable business

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Digitalization can create a competitive advantage toward Net Zero Manufacturing and Circular Economy. Implementing sustainability in the supply chain often is a highly-complex process. And the Scope 3 challenge will be more complex because of rising costs, risks and disruption affecting stakeholders across the supply chain. We help you to build fast, simple and holistic impact measurements, strategies & software to create real business value.

Sustainability transformation needs information to be run in your businesses. TerraNext is created by science, equipped with a range of specialized services to provide accurate and relevant information and build digital systems that bridge the gap between science, environmental data and business information. We make critical sustainability information accessible and are ready to integrate that into your business. We meet your needs with high automation rates while minimizing risks.

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Explore Which Strategy Accelerates Your Business

Be faster, do it easier, and more accurate

Simplification of life cycle assessment

We have a novel holistic approach called SDTC sustainability data-driven technical concept to understand, manage, and communicate the environmental risks, impacts, and opportunities in your supply chain.

Creating a competitive advantage from the transition toward sustainability

A Collaborative and Automated Database Architecture

We can provide better data integrity, traceability, transparency, and management with multi-stakeholders along a global supply chain network we support you through data infrastructure for better optimization and tracking.

Replace existing LCA processes with our intelligence LCA solutions

Intelligent Automations

LCA Trust gives you capabilities for automated processes, high resiliency, and recovery solution. Cut your costs and reduce complexity to achieve sustainability. understand, manage, and communicate the environmental risks, impacts, and opportunities in their supply chain.

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